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Moose on the loose in Bangor

Officials were able to eventually get the moose into nearby woods.
Credit: Jonathan Parker/Maine Game Wardens

BANGOR, Maine — A moose spent Thursday trotting around Bangor, making its way from parking lot to parking lot and giving shoppers quite a sight.

Ann McCluskey told NEWS CENTER Maine she was leaving Starbucks near the Bangor Mall around 6:15 a.m. when the moose crossed right in front of her car and walked into another parking lot across the street. 

More than six hours later, people were still reporting sightings around the Bangor Mall area.

Around 2:30 p.m., game wardens said the moose was seen heading towards Veazie.

"Well, l don't know if he wanted some Chick-Fil-A or some Las Palapas Mexican, but there's plenty of wildlife in the Bangor area and a moose decided to come to town," Maine Game Warden Jonathan Parker told NEWS CENTER Maine. "So here we are, downtown Bangor, trying to figure out what to do with a moose at the Bangor Mall."

Due to public safety concerns, game wardens worked to get the moose out of the city as soon as possible. Parker said the animal moseying around near schools, the mall, and Interstate 95 could lead to car crashes. Parker said wardens had a biologist on standby to help guide the moose back to greener pastures, but the animal had more sightseeing to do. 

"Plan A didn't work as well as we expected. He decided, 'Hey look, I don't want anything to do with the green [warden] uniforms,' and decided to cross the interstate and check out Denny's and Sam's Club," Parker said. "Maybe the gas prices were lower at Sam's Club."

Officials were able to eventually get the moose into nearby woods.

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