HIRAM, Maine — A fawn resembling Bambi had a pretty scary close call Wednesday evening! But thanks to some kind-hearted Mainers, she is now safe and sound.

Dawn Stocks and her family live on Stanley Pond. She says they were out on their nightly boat ride July 3 when they saw a little creature swimming into the middle of the pond.

"At first we did not know what it was," Stocks told NEWS CENTER Maine. "When we got up closer, that’s when we realized it was about a week old fawn. 

With the help of another boat, they directed the fawn toward shore, watching to make sure it eventually got into dry land.

"Quite the adventure," Stocks expressed to NEWS CENTER Maine. 

The Facebook comments on Stocks' original video post were filled with gracious remarks, thanking Stocks and her team for helping the baby deer.

"You guys are awesome. What a sight to see. Thanks for sharing," user Cynthia Stocks Reinhard wrote.

"Nice that you folks save(d) her. Thanks Dawn and every one who help(ed). I am glad that there (are) still some nice people out there," user Butch-shirley Gilpatrick added.

And so the story ends... Dawn saves Fawn and restores a little faith in humanity -- all in one Maine summer night.