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Maine state trooper takes stunned owl into custody

Trooper Sam Tlumac discovered a stunned owl in the middle of the road in the dark and rescued it.
Credit: Maine State Police

MANCHESTER, MAINE, Maine — A Maine State Police trooper discovered something was a fowl when he rescued a stunned owl from the middle of the road in the dark on Route 17 in Manchester.

After taking the owl to the Manchester Fire Department, Trooper Sam Tlumac consulted with a game warden who suggested checking over the bird for any broken wings and then to wait and see if the owl improved. 

Tlumac decided to wing it and left the owl to see if it would recover while he had to go take care of another police matter. 

When he returned, the owl seemed remarkably better. Tlumac took the owl outside and it promptly flew into some nearby trees. 

While it was a tough night for the owl, it was a hoot for Trooper Tlumac. 

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