WATERVILLE, Maine — A new police officer in Waterville braved the prospect of sleeping in the garage for a month when he approached a skunk that wandered into a discarded cup and could not get himself free. 

Officer Seth Rolfe of the Waterville Police Dept. equipped with only a flashlight approached the lost little skunk who was wandering the streets of Waterville without sight Thursday night, Oct. 3. 

Police say the skunk had wandered into a Chick-fil-A cup and who can blame him.  

As seen in the video, Officer Rolfe quickly pulled the piece of trash from the skunk and ran quickly away as another officer watched and filmed the event, yelling, "run, run!"

Officer Rolfe has only been with the Waterville Police Dept for a couple of months. The skunk de-cupping seems like a good initiation for the new officer who passed with flying colors.  

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In July, Portland Police Officers tried to remove a skunk from a resident's yard but the critter got the hint and hit the road before officers could get their paws on him.