RIGA, Latvia -- Following in the footsteps of the viral "BBC dad" video, a thirsty cat interrupted the mayor of Riga's live online video earlier this week.

The Washington Post reported that mayor Nils Usakovs office has more than one cat roaming the halls and one black cat with white paws in particular had no mind to take a sip from Usakovs' coffee mug.

Mayor Usakovs posted a video on Facebook of his reaction when the cat saunters into the frame.

According to the Post, Usakovs was attempting to answer a question about property investment when the cat does a very cat thing.

The mayor kept his serious composure momentarily then gives the camera a quick sideways glance before shooing the cat away. Then Usakovs gets back to business and resumes the Q&A session.

The Post translated his Facebook caption which said "Anything can happen if your office is ruled by cats."