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Changing the landscape one click at a time

A young man with Down Syndrome is beating the odds by owning a business of his own.

PORTLAND, Maine — Experts say 85 percent of small businesses across this country don't make it in the first year.

 A young man from Gorham not only beat those odds, but overcame the challenges of having an intellectual disability.... to make his dreams a reality. 

Caleb Dunlap's love of photography began in middle school -- using an app on his I-pad he started capturing images that spoke to him.

He upgraded his camera and started clicking away. Several years later a professional photographer told him he had a gift. 

These images are from one of his daily outings at Deering Oaks Park. 

'The photographer told him he had a good eye and that he had talent, that isn't necessarily something you can teach. He can see things differently and he should share things with the world,' said Dunlap.

Sharing with the world for Caleb meant starting his own photography business. Born with Down Syndrome -- he faced obstacles his whole life. Caleb's parents were concerned about his future in the business world living with an intellectual disability.

With support of his family, a job coach and vocational training, Good Eye Photography launched last year. Caleb works out of co-working office space where he can network and make connections. The outdoors and urban spaces inspire him and his customers. This picture of locks on Commercial street is a big seller -- he also loves to capture reflections. 

'I do them through windows, the same thing with doorways and the same thing with puddles,' said Caleb Dunlap of Good Eye Photography. 

His business made a small profit in the first year. Caleb hopes one day his photographs will be featured in magazines and displayed in local art galleries. Getting to this point took a lot of hard work --  something everyone can relate to. 

Caleb hopes to be an inspiration to people with special needs -- 

For many people with disabilities-- just getting a job like anyone else is a dream. But Caleb is helping changing that  picture -- one click at a time. 

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