WELLS, Maine (Beth McEvoy) -- There is little about being bald that anyone likes but for once there is an actual benefit.

Congdon’s Restaurant in Wells, Maine offers its follicly challenged patrons a discount every Thursday.

The discount depends on your level of baldness. 10% off for receding hairlines, if you have crown balding you can get 20% and “extensive” hair loss will get you 30% off you entire bill.

Congdon’s has been in Gary Leech’s family since its birth back in 1955. For more than six decades they have made millions of delicious donuts but it has only been in the last 10 years that they have been offering the bald benefit.

“We get some construction guys in here and they will buy coffee and donuts for the whole crew and they will send the baldest guy in so they can get 30 percent. That's kind of funny,” Leech says.

Leech says woman can take advantage of the discount too.

“One time I had this lady, she comes up to me and bows her head down and says ‘how much to I qualify for?’ I said whatever you say miss.”

The discount is posted in the restaurant and at the drive-thru window but there is one hitch…you have to mention the discount, no one is going to point out that you might qualify.

Being bald maybe for the birds, but this one benefit is awfully sweet.