SEARSPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- This summer, a legally blind man from Searsport is making his dream of bicycling across the United States come true with the help of a good friend through a project called Shared Vision Quest which was created to connect people with visual impairments, who have a dream, with those who can assist in making that dream come true.

Michael Robertson has always been an avid cyclist.

"I've always had a dream. When I was younger, I used to ride my bicycle all over the place. And one of those dreams was to ride in the Trek Across Maine."

And while he hits the pavement 3 or 4 times a week, he's legally blind. And he, along with his friend, Hans Breaux, are riding 4,000-mile cross-country ride to convey a message.

"I want to break down the dominant societal paradigm that says blind people can't do those things."

Robertson suffers from a disorder call cone-rod dystrophy which affects the light receptors in the eye. That means the brighter it is outside, the harder it'll be for him to see. With his glasses, Breaux can see clearly, so he'll act as Robertson's eyes.

"I'm going to have a little electrical contact on my front break that will create a little tone in his ear when I start to break. I've learned that I need to turn my head and yell behind when there's an obstacle. So I'll be watching out for obstacles, trying to guide him around potholes, and broken glass and things like that."

With the help of a good friend and technology, Robertson will do what he never thought he could.

"It's all coming to fruition. It's all happening. I can't believe, I can't actually believe it's all happening now."

And having been unable to see the world the way everyone else does since childhood, Robertson hopes to inspire children to pursue their dreams.

"That they can go out and fulfill their dreams, they can go out and climb that tree. If they fall and break their arm, they fall and break their arm. Any kid can fall out of a tree and break their arm. It all comes down to one choice. You know, one simple little word, and that's choice. You have to choose to live a life a life beyond mere existence."

If you'd like to get involved in the Shared Vision Quest, or if you'd like to join Robertson and Breaux on their ride. you can visit their Facebook page for more information.