BANGOR, Maine — Chandler Grey is just like any other 8-year-old.

He likes to run really fast, snuggle with his dogs, play in the garden and learn about police work.

But unlike many of his peers, he is battling a rare form of cancer called CNS HGNET-BCOR which is a highly malignant and extremely rare brain cancer.

Chandler was diagnosed a year ago and has been treated here in Maine, as well as in Boston.

During the past year, Chandler's mom, Kristin, found out about Boston's Cops for Kids with Cancer, an organization that helps families in need.

"What we have found out is that a family that has a child stricken with cancer, either the mother or father or both have to either stop working or cut back on their hours," said Ed McNelley, a retired Boston police captain.

The Grey family live in Enfield, but they reached out to Bangor PD to sponsor them for a grant with Cops for Kids with Cancer.

"I think it's great that they're willing to help people in Maine because it is a Boston program and we feel very honored," said Kristin Grey.

The family was given a tour of the Bangor Police Department and a $5,000 check to use however they see fit.

Chandler said his favorite part of the police department was the armored car and the K-9, of course.

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