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Valentine's Day: Time to think outside the box

Nothing says 'love' like going to the gym, racing around a track, snagging a flight, and...throwing axes? What?

MAINE, USA — It's Valentine's Day! You know what that means! Fancy dinner date, pretty presents, a dozen roses...

It doesn't have to be those things, though. That's okay if that's what you like. Tradition is tradition. But there are those who prefer experiences over things.

The advertising group Momentum Worldwide surveyed 3,200 consumers across the world in 2019. In their final report of their research, they found consumers identified "inspiration and meaning" as the most sought-after quality in brands, a 200 percent increase from 2012 for this particular set of attributes.

76% of consumers said they prefer to spend money on experiences rather than on material items. 

So what could you do instead of heading out for a fancy dinner and exchanging pricey gifts?

Think outside the box!

Have a Gym Date!

For many, the idea of a romantic date does NOT include an excursion to the gym. But trust me, it can be a lot of fun! You definitely get out of it what you put into it. Plus, hitting the gym with your partner can boost that motivation.

It doesn't have to be ANY gym. You could do a spin class. Try a boot camp. Maybe give a boxing lesson a try. 

Kayla and I went to Foley's Fitness in Scarborough. We liked it a lot because there's a ton of equipment to try, lots of space to move around, and they even have a smoothie bar!


Try Go-Karting!

It may seem like just a fun time for little kids, but trust me: hitting 45 mph in a little cart as you fly by your partner on the track...it's awesome.

We checked out Maine Indoor Karting, which is also in Scarborough. That place is the definition of 'Mainers doing Maine things.' 


Grab a last-minute flight!

Sometimes, the best course of action is to stop thinking, and just do. Snag a flight and go somewhere random! Yes, you do have to think about the finances of it, but if you were going to buy something pricey anyway, why not take a quick, weekend trip?

Go axe throwing!

Okay. That's like, the most Maine thing someone could suggest to go do for a Valentine's Day date, but it's so fun. It's like darts...but 10,000x better. 

Kayla and I went to The Axe Pit in South Portland. If you're looking to try axe throwing, these guys will have you all set up to go. They have a number of different axes, but you could give throwing stars or even a throwing shovel a try. The place has a mix of a Maine/Viking vibe, and doubles as a bar!



Ultimately, in our great state of Maine, there are tons of other date ideas you could have that stray outside of the norm. There are lots of local businesses and all of them have their own special niche for the activity they offer. It's just up to you to explore! 

I wish I would have had more time to try more activities all over the state. Maine has so much to offer!

Do you have an outside the box date you're going on for Valentine's Day? Tell us your story! 

Credit: NCM

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