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Sunday Social: Corn, clapping and changes to Twitter

Jess, Clay and Ryan share some of their favorite social media posts from the week that was

PORTLAND, Maine — Who doesn't love a corny joke? Clay has plenty of them thanks to his social media pick this week:

A leaky train left a trail of corn on the tracks in Crystal, Minnesota. The "yellow brick road" stretched about 2,000 feet! It was cleaned up with a vacuum truck before it became dinner for birds and deer in the area, but not before Clay came up with several jokes about it. Click the video to see his reaction.

Jess's post is about a kid who deserves all the applause in the world:

Six-year-old John Oliver Zippay has been battling cancer since age three. Now, at six years old, he is cancer free and is able to attend school in Ohio for the first time. He arrived to a standing ovation from everyone at the school. The sweet moment was captured by someone at the school and shared online. We are so happy for you, John!

Lastly, Ryan noticed a post about some changes that could be coming to Twitter:

Twitter may allow you to restrict who responds to your tweets. That would certainly change the dynamic on the social media platform that is known for sparking conversations and debates. We at NEWS CENTER Maine love interaction with our viewers, so I'm sure we won't switch our settings to "statement" anytime soon.

Did you see something interesting online this week? Email it to us at morningreport@newscentermaine.com.

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