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House plants for beginners

Houseplants are hip. We show you how to get started

YARMOUTH, Maine — Thanks to Instagram and other social media platforms, house plants are hot.   Postings by 20 somethings have ignited interest among that generation and are driving demand.   That, coupled with freezing weather down south, has driven up prices.  But Tom Estabrook of Estabrook's in Yarmouth seeing pricing and supply beginning to level out.  

Estabrook says, "Houseplants are great!  They add color, texture, and better air quality to your home." He has some suggestions for people looking to add a houseplant or two to their decor. 

Pilea is a favorite.   Easy to care for so makes a great starter plant.  It will put out new plants which you can cut off, repot and give to your friends.

Cactus are also easy, tolerant of low and high light, and they flower.  Just don't overwater.

Succulents are also a good first plant.  Estabrook often suggests Jade plants.  He says you do have to watch for Mealy Bugs on them.

"Snake plants are ironclad", says Estabrook.   They survive fine in very little light.

Ferns look great, but keep in mind, they like to stay moist.

Peperomia has light leaves with pink hues.

Monstera plants:  if you are looking for a plant that will get big, but is still easy to care for.  Their leaves look like swiss cheese.