HOUSTON — It’s been four years since that historic Supreme Court decision that legalized same-sex marriage throughout our country.

Pride Month celebrates the progress of the LGBTQ community and how far they’ve come.

Today, that community is larger than it’s ever been before.

From parades to sidewalks, even beer bottles, the month of June comes in all the colors of the rainbow.

Pride Month is celebrated every year to honor the 1969 Stonewall Riots in Manhattan, the tipping point for the gay liberation movement in the United States.

A lot has changed since then. 

Thanks to the Supreme Court ruling on June 26, 2015, same-sex marriage is now legal in all fifty states.

The Williams Institute says 4.5 percent of the U.S. Population identify as LGBT. That’s 11.3 million American adults.

Texas, below the average with 4.1%, has roughly 858,000 LGBT in our community.

And more and more are getting married.

More than half a million, 591,000, same sex couples were married as of December 2017. That’s more than double the number in June 2013 at 230,000 couples, which was just a couple years before that historic ruling.

And they’re raising children.

About 29% of the LGBT community are parents. That includes the 114,000 same sex couples who have kids. The majority of those couples, 75 percent, are women.

People’s minds are also changing.

Pew Research says people are in favor of same sex marriage more now, than ever before. 

They show 61% of Americans currently approve, when in 2001, only 35% supported it.