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FOMO Factory is the perfect place to capture 90s nostalgia

The FOMO Factory is an art collection that’s both colorful and captivating.

HOUSTON — You might think it would be hard to find high school lockers, a sand castle and a canoe all in one place, but the FOMO Factory at the Houston Galleria is making it easy.

Set to open in just a few weeks, KHOU 11 News got an early sneak peek on Thursday.

It's a trip back in time.

“It’s a journey through childhood nostalgia," The FOMO Factory CEO Rachel Youens said. “Go back to school, you’re going to enter the science lab, you’re going to play with toys."

The FOMO Factory is an art collection that’s both colorful and captivating.

“It’s a space designed, yes for taking selfies, but more than anything, we’ve really designed it to be an experience," Youens said. 

'FOMO' means the fear of missing out, but Youens is trying to calm that fear with fantasy.

“Maybe your current girlfriend or boyfriend couldn’t come with you to prom, but they can here," Youens said.

It’s one space split into 17 different rooms, each offering their own dose from a different decade.

“It’s okay here, I’m giving you permission to be ridiculous," Youens said. 

The experience also comes with a candy necklace, a Popsicle and a chance to write a letter to your future self.

“About what you don’t want to miss out on in the next couple months, and it’s going to be emailed back to you in six months time," Youens said.

It’s all to give you a chance to bring out your inner child.

The FOMO Factory officially opens June 7th. Early bird pricing is $23 for adults and $18 for kids.