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Why family movies are failing in theaters and could become a thing of the past

Movie studios are moving many of their family films straight to streaming instead of putting them in theaters.

With so many people looking for a distraction during COVID-19, it may be a surprise that family films are not doing as well in theaters as they used to.

Several were released in the box office, but the Washington Post reports not a single one made $100 million in domestic receipts. In fact, they only made a fraction of what they normally would.

Back in 2019, 11 family films did, however.

As a result, many new films marketing to kids are now getting distributed online via streaming platforms instead of going to theaters.

Not every film will be affected, however. Big blockbuster sequels like Frozen will still be in theaters. But the movies taking a hit are the mid-budget films.

Of course, much of this can be blamed on COVID19 and families avoid theaters. But, numbers show this slide away from family films began before the pandemic. In recent years, there have been fewer and fewer family films going to the box office as movie companies focus on blockbusters.