MAINE, USA — After Garth Brooks made an exciting announcement Sunday, a lot of Mainers are wondering if they could get lucky enough to meet the country singer, right in their own neck of the woods.

On July 7 -- deemed "National Dive Bar Day" -- Brooks announced his #DiveBarTour on social media platforms.

In a Facebook live-stream, Brooks explained that he expects to go to seven dive bars during the tour, following the release of his and Blake Shelton's duet, "Dive Bar". But the suspense is lingering -- Brooks could not yet say where those cities will be. 

Brooks added that information about tickets and anything else fans will need to know should be available via their local country music stations.

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So, is there any chance Brooks could stop by one of Maine's dive bars for an intimate night of music and song? 

It turns out, the beloved musician has a pretty personal connection to the Pine Tree State. 

On January 12, 1993, Tulsa World published an excerpt from a biography, written by Rick Mitchell, about Brooks' life.

"Garth Brooks: One of a Kind, Workin' on a Full House" explains the meaning behind Brooks' daughter's name, Taylor Mayne -- and it has a lot to do with the land of lobster, blueberries, and maple syrup. 

Apparently, Brooks and then-wife, Sandy, took a vacation to Maine in October 1991, and that's when Sandy unexpectedly got pregnant with their daughter.

In the biography excerpt, Brooks explained he and Sandy weren't exactly trying to get pregnant (more like "practicing", as he put it), but he said he intuitively knew that it had happened.

And so, Taylor Mayne was conceived -- 'Taylor', for Brooks' songwriting hero, James Taylor, and 'Mayne' for the state where his family became just a little bit bigger.

If that's a good enough reason to travel as northeast as Maine for a night at a dive bar -- well, Mainers would definitely be happy about it. 

Fans have been eagerly recommending potential destinations for Brooks under a NEWS CENTER Maine Facebook post Monday evening.

No matter where he ends up, Brooks seems to be excited about this adventure, kicking off in Chicago on July 15.

"The dive bar tour is going to be huge in a small way," Brooks noted in the Facebook live-stream this past weekend. "I think it will be fun."

So from the 'Windy City', who knows? Maybe Brooks and some Mainers will someday look back on a memory of the dance they shared beneath the stars above.