With only hours until the Royal Wedding begins, here's a round up of all the last minute details you might have missed:

  • Meghan Markle will have Prince Charles escort her down the aisle. This decision comes after her father, Thomas Markle, could no longer attend the wedding due to health reasons.
  • Prince Charles will reportedly meet Meghan halfway down the aisle: she will make the first part of her walk unaccompanied.
  • Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth, will be attending the wedding. Reports stated that he was well enough in health after his hip surgery to attend the ceremony.
  • Yesterday, there was a full rehearsal of the wedding events complete with carriages, full security and a run-through of the ceremony.

  • The estimated security budget for the wedding is about $40 million which is almost double the amount of William and Kate's wedding.
  • Rumors are there is a chance Prince Harry will make an appearance today outside of Windsor.
  • The wedding ceremony doors will open to guests at 10AM British Standard Time (5 AM EST), Prince William and Prince Harry are expected to arrive by 11:30AM BST, and the ceremony will begin at 12PM BST (7AM EST).