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Millions of Americans suffer from hearing loss, yet few do anything about it

More headphone use means more younger people are at risk.

TAMPA, Fla. — It's estimated that 38 million Americans have some degree of hearing loss, yet only a small percentage will actually use a hearing aid. 

It's an issue that can seriously affect your quality of life. It's good to know there are ways to improve both.

Many of us wear earbuds or headphones for so much of our day, especially working from home, but we do need to be careful.  

"Using a headphone or earbuds or AirPods for prolonged periods of time at high decibel levels is where the danger lies," said Kate Carr, the Hearing Industries' Association President.  

So, try to be mindful of how loud that sound is and occasionally take them out just to give your ears a rest.  

"We're seeing hearing loss as a result of noise exposure in younger people. So, getting your hearing checked is recommended once every three years."

Age-related hearing loss is a major issue affecting one in every three people between the ages of 65-74. 

Yet, many still won't get tested or consider a hearing aid. 

"We have data that shows people who address their hearing loss and wear their hearing aids have a better quality of life than those who have hearing loss and don't address their hearing loss."

Research shows that on average people will wait six years from the time they notice possible hearing loss before they do anything about it. Hearing aid technology has come a long way and they are smaller and better than ever.

Besides, many of us walk around with these hanging out of our ears anyway and don't think twice about it.  

Find out more about the latest in hearing aids here.

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