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Whitefield Elementary School has big buck contest

A Maine school has a bulletin board where students can post big game that they've shot.

WHITEFIELD, Maine — In an era when hunting numbers are diminishing, a Maine town is embracing its hunting heritage.

Whitefield Elementary has a bulletin board where kids K-8 can post pictures of themselves with bear, moose, turkey, and deer that they've shot.

"I like the bulletin board," says Caleb Bishop.  "If we kill a big deer or a big bear, we're able to talk around to our friends."

Physical Education teacher Jamie Simpson says it brings the community together as some teachers are on the board too.

There is one concession.  Because of a no-guns policy at school, kids cannot be pictured holding a weapon.

"We started our bulletin board a few years ago and kids were posing with guns and their games," she told NEWSCENTER Maine. "We have a no-weapons policy at school.  So the kids were also taking their photos without their weapons with them as long as they can still have their photos posted."

Two of the seventh graders have accomplished grand slams.  That's when a hunter takes a deer, bear, turkey and moose in the same year.  

Olivia Brann completed her grand slam over the weekend. She and Caleb are the only two seventh graders to do it. 

Credit: NCM
Whitefield Elementary School has big buck contest at school

"A lot of people think because I'm very ballet and I like to dress up and stuff in dancing when I say I'm a hunter, people are like 'Wow!'" she said.

Each year the hunter with the heaviest buck wins a prize.  Last year, Olivia's nine-year-old sister Cassidy won the contest with a ten-point buck. 

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