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Stand up, paddleboard, striper fishing. What could go wrong?

Combining different pursuits creates a new way to catch fish

SACO, Maine — Anyone can catch fish from a fancy boat. 

Increasingly, fishers are going after their quarry by using paddle boards.

"It's an inexpensive way to get out on the water," says Pete Mourmouras of

the Saco Bay Tackle Shop.

Guide Luis Tirado of Diamond Pass Outfitters leads the party to where the fish can be found.  

Paddle boarding is a relatively simple activity.  The trick is getting comfortable standing at the middle of the board.  

It does enable fishers to get into low water where boats cannot go. 

Joe Mokarzel rents boards at Old Orchard Beach Paddleboard Rentals. 

He hooks into a small striper which pulls him gently up the river.  

Stripers will generally dive deep and brawl after taking a lure.

They are a lot of fun to fish from shore, a boat and now, a paddle board.