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Snowshoe sketches filling fields near Augusta

Jason Cote is a snowshoe artist. He sketches a design, like those done on Spirographs in days of old. He then draws them out by walking on snowshoes through fields of fresh snow. His work resembles crop circles and can be stunning.

Vassalboro, ME (NEWSCENTERmaine) -- People driving through the Augusta area are seeing strange shapes in fields. They are designs drawn in fresh snow. They are the work of Jason Cote.

"I sketch the pattern out first," said the affable Cote. "Then, I start walking."

It's actually a little more sophisticated than that. He usually starts by driving a post into a central point. He loops a rope around the stake and walks in a circle. Then, he draws other circles off the first. He makes darker colored spaces within the patterns, but tramping down areas with his snowshoes.

'People seem to like it," says Cote with a hint of surprise in his voice. "They've been really encouraging."

Cote started his work last year and did about ten in the month of February. He's taken it up again this year with increasingly difficult patterns.

He likes to draw his shapes in fields that slant so they can be viewed from the road. They are best seen from the air.

"I've got 40,000 steps in this one," said Cote referring to a tribute to "Bill Green's Maine." If his health app on his cell phone is correct, that would mean he tramped 17 miles in snowshoes to complete a work of art that might only last a couple of days.

Much of his work is close to Augusta although recently he has completed drawings at the Nataniis Golf Club.

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