PENOBSCOT BAY, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — All Maine windjammers are wonderful to sail on. The J & E Riggin has a particular niche, gourmet food. Annie Mahle is a classically trained chef who has written a series of cookbooks called "Sugar and Salt."

She and her husband Captain John finger have been in the windjammer for 19 years. They have always planned to do this for 20 years, so soon a decision must be made.

While Annie works the woodstove in the galley, John is at the wheel. The couple met while working on other boats right after their college days. They have raised their two children on the Riggin.

The Riggin offers cruises for those who want to learn some cooking. Annie caters her teaching to how much guests already know.

"Cruises are usually a little shorter," John says. Trips were a week long when they started. Now, a majority of their cruises are four days, with some three- and six-day cruises thrown in.

The Riggin is 89 feet on deck, 23 feet wide and draws just seven feet when her centerboard is up.

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