BUCKSPORT (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- When David Leeman looks at a granite building he sees much more than old stone laid more than century ago.

"It's almost like evolutionary thought. The farther back you go, you think the less intelligent they were, but I almost think the reverse."

Leeman owns Knox Masonry. He does historic renovation specially in granite work.

His team has meticulously disassembled the Buck Memorial Library's west wall and is carefully putting it back together, using mortar identical to that which was used when the building was erected in 1887.

Granite weighs 150 pounds a cubic foot, so the work is difficult. The modern crew admires the work of the earlier artisans.

"They were talented, very talented. They took their time with whatever they did," said mason tender Vinnie Cyr.

The group is hopeful their work will be as much appreciated the next time the library is repaired around 2148.