BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — It's probably not something most people think about. However, around here, most people prefer the red snapper hot dog.

The story of the red snapper goes back to the 1940's. That's when the Rice family heard that some German sausage makers who had served in World War II were in New York as POW's.

One of them was hired and he developed his secret recipe which Mainers love.

Rice partnered with Jordan's in the 1960's. Eventually, that company was bought by Tyson's in the early 2000's.

Tyson took the red snapper off the market. That's when Fred Rice wrote to Tyson to see if he could by the brand back. A deal was struck. Rice approached David Bean to see if he would manufacture the Red Snapper.

Bean agreed and a partnership formed.

The Rice and Bean families have been in the meat business for well over one hundred years. A picture of the two men's great-grandfathers, who were both in the meat business, hangs on the wall at W. A. Bean.