STONEHAM, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Evergreen Valley Ski Resort in Stoneham was a grand idea which failed miserably. It did operate for about ten years, but estimates are that developers pumped seven million dollars into an area which only featured 1,082 vertical feet of skiing.

It has been dormant since 1982 and has been owned for much of that time by racetrack mogul Bob Hahre.

Now a Hebron contractor and promoter named Harold Brooks wants to bring it back. He is best known as the promoter of the Red Neck Games.

Neighbors of Evergreen Valley fear that Brooks will bring loud and raucous crowds to the White Mountain National Forest.

My biggest obstacle to overcome is getting the people of the area to accept that this is something good not just for the people who are going to come here, but for the people who live here" Brooks told NEWS CENTER.

Local opposition has been significant. The town recently voted 62-16 to limit the number of Mass Gathering Permits that anyone may have in a year.

Brooks is undaunted and plans to purchase Evergreen and stabilize its crumbling buildings before beginning with small events.