ALLAGASH, Maine — Troy Jackson is a product of Allagash and the woods that surround it.

He went to the woods for work upon graduating from high school and soon came to feel that a people who do that honorable work are not paid what they should be, nor respected as they ought to be.

He got involved in politics when some friends decided to close a border crossing twenty years ago.  

He says he no longer believes the philosophy that government works for people. "Government works for those people who are showing up pushing their agenda in places like Augusta and D. C.," he told NEWSCENTER Maine.

He ended up in the legislature, and perhaps because of the emotions that fuel him, ended up a leader. 

In 2014, he ran for Democratic Congressional nomination in the 2nd District and was defeated by Emily Cain.

He went back to the Maine Senate and was elected its President when the Democrats got the majority in 2018.