Rangeley (NEWSCENTER Maine) -- Pat McGowan will meet you anywhere if he gets to fly there.

The Pittsfield native has lived an incredible life because he's not afraid to take a chance.

He earned his pilot's license at 16. By age 21, he was a partner in a company which taught parachutists. A year later, he ran for and won a seat in the Maine legislature.

He has wonderful stories about each event.

"Remember Louis Jalbert?" he asked while recalling his days in the legislature. "He thought I was a page for the first years."

McGowan's latest story is called "One Good Thing." It's a novel set in Maine.

"I've been a writer a long time," said the son of a newspaper editor. "My drawers are filled with rejection letters."

Perhaps his greatest claim to fame is that he was the prime sponsor of The Land for Maine's Future bill. Six times, the people of Maine have voted to refund the committee which has saved a half million acres for public use.

In 1990, he ran for Congress against six-term incumbent Olympia Snowe. He carried a surprise lead into the wee hours of the morning. The rural vote came in for Snowe who won 51-49%.

He would go on to lose a three-way race two years and lost the Democratic gubernatorial primary in 2010.

He currently works as President of PK Floats, a company that makes floats for sea planes in Lincoln.

"Any day you wake up in Maine is a good day," he says.