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'Old Guy Karaoke' with Bill Green and Schooner Fare

Bill joins Steve and Chuck Romanoff for some songs and a drive around Portland Town as Schooner Fare gets ready for its 40th Reunion Concert

PORTLAND, Maine — In the 1970s, no band represented Portland's resurgence more than Schooner Fare.

It was a folk trio consisting of Tom Rowe as well as Steve and Chuck Romanoff. 

"For our finale on a Saturday night at the Holy Mackerel," laughed Steve Romanoff, "you would often find half the members of the Portland City Council in a conga line!"

Those happy days remain in the memories of thousands who gathered to hear the group perform such songs as "Portland Town," "Leviathan," "The Day of the Clipper," and "We The People."

The band actually formed the year that Billboard Magazine ran a headline proclaiming, "Folk is dead!"

"We didn't care," said Chuck Romanoff. "The body of work was there and people were writing, and would continue to write, great songs."

Tom Rowe passed away in 2004. The brothers continued as a duet.

"You can still hear him in the arrangements when we sing," lamented Chuck.

The 40th Schooner Fare Reunion Concert is March 31st at 3 P.M. at The Holiday Inn By The Bay.