KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine — Ties are suffering through period of lesser interest.  Some people have gone so far as to say lively colored "socks are the new tie."

However, for some, there is greater fascination than ever before in wearing bow ties. 

They are intrigued by the work of Lisa Eaton of in Kennebunkport. In her basement shop, she runs her website and creates magnificent designs while fielding orders from all over the world. 

They have an advantage over traditional ties, says Lisa. They don't dangle in front of the wearer.  "That's why so many physicians wear them," she smiles.

Eaton also makes suspenders, however, she generally recommends that suspenders not match the tie.

"Sometimes, when you match, it's too much of a good thing," she said.

Her ties retail from $44 and up.  Some prominent people have worn them including Jack Black in the movie Jumangi 2.