Falmouth, ME (NEWS CENTER) -- The Maine State Ballet is generally considered Maine's premiere professional dance company. It serves the community through dance instruction and outstanding performances.

At the center of the effort, is Linda Miele. The youngest person ever accepted by the New York City Ballet, Mrs. Miele brought a George Ballanchine-influenced style of dance to the Pine Tree State.

She danced with Ballanchine during her formative years. Her time with that ballet included a tour of Europe. A performance at the Paris Opera House brought back memories.

She had a solo. The curtain opened and she awaited music from the orchestra. "I was looking out and I thought, 'Oh my, it's the Paris Opera House!' I almost forgot to dance!" she mused.

She did dance and dance divinely as have hundreds of her students.

The Maine State Ballet currently has 500 students in training at all levels of ballet, tap and Broadway-style jazz.