ROCKLAND, Maine — It has been said by artists and engineers that beauty follows function.

If something works well and you look at it long enough, you might find it beautiful.

That's certainly true of boats.

The Schooner Heritage is considered one of the most beautiful on the coast of Maine.  

For co-skipper Doug Lee, that's particularly true because he and wife Linda designed it. 

However, he jokes that "Nobody cares about that except you and me!"

Cabbage Island is a popular stop on Heritage cruises.  

Here, the Moore family has been putting on lobster bakes for 31 years.  Because it forms alliteration, the event is call the Cabbage Island Clambake.

The family matriarch is Bennie Alice who is 98 years old.  She works on the bakes all summer saying that "It's good to be with family."
Her sons, Bob and Wayne started running the bakes in 1989.

At that time, they were astonished that the Leavitt family had run the bakes for such a long time.  

Tens of thousands have enjoyed a Maine shore meal on Cabbage Island. Perhaps the most enjoyable way to get there is on the Schooner Heritage.