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Living off the grid at Koviashuvik

For Chris and Ashirah Knapp living off the grid is a better way of life, one that they teach where they live

TEMPLE, Maine — Koviashuvik is a working homestead and school for simple living.  Chris and Ashirah Knapp have been living here, of the grid, for more than ten years. The first thing they want folks to understand about their lifestyle is that they have all they need.

"Thank you for asking," said Chris with a smile. "We are never cold. We are never hungry. We have all that we need."

They believe they are happier because they have taken care of their needs themselves.

They say they provide about 80% of their own food.

They also offer programs in a classroom they built on their 100 acres.  They teach a family sustainability week-long course, various programs for school and also offer simple living apprenticeships.

Weekend classes are available in various skills such as fire building and pack basket weaving. 

All types come to their programs because of a desire to get away from it all and live closer to the land. 

Koviashuvik means "living in the present moment with joy and happiness."

Chris and Ashirah are certainly doing that, raising their two kids in a way they firmly believe is positively impacting our planet. 

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