RANGELEY (NEWS CENTER Maine)Robin Spencer is a passionate fly fisherman. When he bought Lakewood Camps, there was some thought of turning it into a family compound.

However, he knew he had to preserve one of America's great sporting camps.

"I remember motoring by there with my sons when they were just little kids," he told NEWS CENTER Maine. "I was thinking, 'wouldn't it be nice to go there?' Now we own it!"

Robin's wife Terry is perhaps less excited, although somewhat philosophical.

"He loves fly fishing. He's been doing it so long, he goes to different places, so I knew this going to happen," she mused.

Since purchasing Lakewood Camps, the Spencer's have begun making improvement in some amenities such as the kitchen, dining room and shoring up cabins.

General Manager Steve Prince is a Master Maine Guide. He says Lakewood Camps is known for its fishing: "We have amazing brook trout here. It's a rare thing these days. The size of them is impressive so people keep coming back for them."