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Kids make memories, learn about farming in Windsor

The Northeast Livestock Expo in Windsor provides lifelong memories for kids who visit for experiential learning.

WINDSOR, Maine — Ice cream comes from cows.

That's all you need to learn to garner respect for our bovine friends.

25-hundred kids came to Windsor to learn about farming and where our food comes from.

"It's been really cool," said Logan Tsasulis, who was moving around the 50 stations with his friends. "We got to see horses and stuff, and we are about to go make butter."

It's more than a day off from school. It's a chance to see and touch animals that provide much of our food and talk with farmers.

An American farm, on average, feeds 165 people. 

"I think it's important they know where their food comes from," said Tabbitha Johnston of the Thomaston Elementary School. 

The kids seemed to have a hunger for such knowledge.

They licked ice cream cones as they walked around the grounds, stopping at stations to make butter, pat livestock and play games.

"We have kids that, because they have been here, want to do something with animals," said Cindy Kilgore of the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry.

Along with the kids' day of education, the Expo also provides an opportunity for farmers to view and sell livestock.