BANGOR (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- Johannes Bapst was an amazing man.

Born in Switzerland, he immigrated to America and served his Catholic faith.

Sent to Bangor in 1847, he worked tirelessly building a strong Catholic community from Indian Island all the way down to Eastport.

In October of 1854, he was attacked by members of the anti-Catholic Know Nothing Party. He was tarred and feathered and run out of town of a rail. The process of tarring Bapst would have caused severe burns.

The act outraged the region and ultimately helped Bapst' cause.

He would go on to be the first president of Boston College. Eventually, he was named head of all Catholic houses in New York and Canada.

When Catholics built a High School in Bangor, they named it in honor of John Bapst.

It became a private high school in 1980, was renamed John Bapst Memorial and is one of the most outstanding schools in Maine.

The John Bapst community is in the process of raising $7.5 million dollars for a new gym, cafeteria, kitchen, technology center and more.