FREEPORT, Maine — What's cooler than being on the Wheaties box?  Most think being on a Nike ad.  

Joan Samuelson, who would never say a bad word about anything, simply acknowledges that she has easily run more than the 150,000 miles talked about in her new Nike ad. 

"It was a last minute thing," she says of the ad shot in Reid State Park. "I guess people have liked it. How they were able to talk the State of Maine into parking a car like that in a state park, I don’t know."

The Nike Ad is entitled "150 Thousand Miles" and features Joanie talking over video of a rusty old 1965 Ford Falcon parked on the side of the road.

The car is used as a metaphor for Samuelson's brilliant career which includes an Olympic gold medal in the inaugural Women's Marathon.

Near the end of the ad, Joan runs by and the camera focuses on her.  The ad ends with the Nike motto, "Just do it."