GARDINER (NEWSCENTER MAINE) -- One hundred fifty vintage cars rallied through Maine on a nine day journey between Buffalo and Halifax.

Several of the cars were from Maine, but knowing the roads didn't seem to make a difference.

It was a particular thrill for Peter Prescott as he rallied his home town of Gardiner to greet competitors with a party on Main Street and a car show on the waterfront.

"This is great!" beamed Prescott, a veteran of the Great Race. "When you can get the people to come out like this, it's fantastic!"

One of his guests was Governor Paul LePage who rode into town with Prescott.

All who turned out seemed to love seeing the old cars. Most talked about the favorite car in their background.

"I still owned my best car!" exclaimed the Governor. "It's a 1998 BMW Roadster Z3."