AUGUSTA, Maine — Janet T. Mills is Maine's 75th Governor and the first woman to occupy the office.

In this interview she chats about her life with Bill Green.

Mills has broken a number of glass ceilings. She was the first woman to become a District Attorney in New England, the first to become an Attorney General in Maine and of course, our first woman Governor. 

She believes she won the governorship because a number of factors came together. "I think women were energized," she told NEWS CENTER Maine.

That was because of her candidacy.

However, the timing of the Kavanaugh hearings was also helpful, she suggested.

She also sensed that her opponent Sean Moody, "lost his authenticity" and "tied himself to the wagon of the previous chief executive too tightly."

Governor Mills said she is excited about the opportunity to govern and called her inauguration an amazing experience. 

"Walking in was a thrill.  It was just such a thrill to walk in to feel the energy in that room.  People want something different," she said. "People want a change and I hope I give that to them."