Gardiner, ME (NEWS CENTER) -- Laura E. Richards was the daughter of Julia Ward Howe who was an abolitionist and author of The Battle Hymn of the Republic.

Richards grew up in the highest of Boston society. married her next door neighbor and in her twenties, moved to Gardiner.

Here, she wrote most of her 95 books and became an icon of children's literature and a beloved family favorite. Among her admirers was Teddy Roosevelt who invited her to the White House to meet some friends including future president William Howard Taft.

"My understanding is she had a very systematic routine for her day that involved time for writing," said Dawn Thistle Special Collections Librarian at the Gardiner Public Library. "She was always producing something."

Upon the passing of her mother in 1910, she began a collaboration with two sisters. Their biography on their mother, with Laura as the principal author won the first Pulitzer Prize in Biography.