GRAY (NEWS CENTER MAINE) -- A hunter never forgets his first deer. Elden Weymouth's was particularly memorable because it came at the end of a long and tumultuous year and Eldon is just ten years old.

Elden's dad, Lt. Harry Wermouth was a very busy man. He worked as a Lieutenant in the South Portland Fire Department, a nurse and also maintained a small home-farm. Police believe he fell asleep at the wheel while coming home from work back in August.

He had signed up with Elden to take a hunter safety course in the fall. The two hoped to go hunting together this season, but it wasn't to be.


However, friends have rallied around the family. One of them is Adam Copp who is an owner of Howell's Gun Shop in Gray. He was teaching the course when Elden came in with his mother Kelly.

"He registered for the course a couple of weeks before he died," Kelly Weymouth told NEWSCENTER Maine. "I knew it was coming up and I went in his place."

They completed the course, but Kelly didn't think Elden would be able to go afield this year.

Adam Copp had different plans.

He set up a blind and a tripod on which the rifle was placed to help a young hunter steady his aim.

Sure enough, on Youth Day, just an hour into the season, a good-sized buck appeared.

"The deer popped out from over there," said Eldon. "I took the shot from in this chair.,"

They had to use Adam's tracking dog to find the buck which ran about fifty yards after being shot.

Kelly, who describes the year as a "nightmare," was elated when she got the call about the deer and wants to thank all the people who have come out to support their family.

"I'm amazed that the people have contacted me with ideas because they knew my husband. He was such a wonderful person, well known and well loved. He had a wonderful heart that he shared with a lot of people and that love is coming back to us and to my family and this is just one example. I can't say thank you enough."

Elden is pretty excited about getting his first deer. If you see him, ask him to tell the story.