HOLLIS (NEWSCENTER Maine) -- Dirt bikers are slowly losing access to places where they can ride. That made the 102-mile Noble Woods Turkey Ride a big draw for regional enthusiasts.

One hundred sixty came to Hollis on Sunday. The Seacoast Trailriders held the event under the auspices of the New England Trail Riders Association.

The groups work hard to increase the visibility of the sport, give back to the community and improve relationships with landowners.

"They're the key to us having fun," Seacoast President John Smyrnos said. "As many people have seen over the past decade, we're losing the ability to find places to ride."

This ride was a combination of single and double track trail, with some dirt road and paved road turned in. Tim Gossom was the trail boss, putting together the trail which stretched through nine communities.