Glenburn, ME (NEWS CENTER) -- Catherine Gordon is a Registered Maine Guide who works for Maine Guide Outfitters and is perhaps more aware than most people of just where the sun is in the sky.

That's because she tracks each morning from her camp on Pushaw Lake in Glenburn,

"In the summer it rises just to the left of the island," she laughs.

Now that the winter solstice is approaching, the sun rises 72 degrees to the south.

"The best thing you can do, is get out and enjoy the winter," she said. Catherine guides trips for hunters, fishers and recreationists. "I love winter hikes, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, anything that gets me outside."

She noted that Sunday night into Monday may have actually been the darkest night of the year. There was a new moon at 1:30 Monday morning.

Sunsets are already slightly later each day. Friday will be two seconds longer than Thursday.

Since winter is our shortest season, can summer be far behind?