PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Marcy's Diner is a favorite stop of people who work around the Cross Insurance Arena. The 40 seat breakfast and lunch spot is owned and operated by Darla Neugebauer a Madison native who came to Portland to earn an accounting degree at Casco Bay College. She got the degree, but didn't like the lifestyle so she went to the food industry.

After working at various places, she got a chance to buy Marcy's. Along with her husband, she cleaned it up and spruced it up. It's running well and often has lines of customers waiting for a breakfast or lunch even though Darla says, "It's just an egg."

Last summer Darla was embroiled in a battle with a New York lady. Darla rudely told the customer to quiet her child. The argument went to social media.

It turns out that Darla who is very good at slinging hash, is pretty good at streaming vulgarities. In response to a Facebook message from her former customer she dropped the f-bomb "oh 72 to 75 times."

There was backlash from an outraged public which turned into a swell of local support for Maine's own. Most of the summer, there were lines out the door with customers waiting as long as two hours.

"Babygate was very good for Marcy's," muses Darla. "I have a new grill with four working handles. The old one only had one!"

Marcy's is open Wednesday through Monday from 6 A. M. until 2 P. M.