GRAY (NEWS CENTER MAINE) -- Will Beriau is a veteran chef and expert fishermen.

The two passions come together on his backyard grill where he enjoys cooking for his family.

Beriau brings a high level of professionalism to his passion, starting with a clean, well oiled and hot grill.

"You never get any fresher fish than this," he smiles as he places two trout caught that morning on the grill.

His recipe is simple. He brushes the trout with oil. He adds a Maine product called DennyMike's Seafood Seasoning as well as salt and pepper.

He then places the fish on a hot grill which he allows to cool to a "gentler" temperature of about 300 degrees.

He cooks the trout for about four minutes on each side.

"I love cooking. It's been my whole life," he smiles. "There's nothing I enjoy more than cooking for my wife."

Because of his ability as a fisherman and chef, the Beriaus have many restaurant-quality meals right at home.

He says amateurs can do that too with a little love and attention to detail.