Portland, ME (NEWS CENTER) -- Adam Ayan has done it again, picking up his fifth Grammy, Adam is a mastering engineer for Gateway Mastering Studios.

He grew up in Massachusetts and went to USM. He played some base guitar and thought he wanted to be in a rock band.

"I wanted to do music performance, but once I got in the engineers chair I realized this is what I want to do," he said.

It is interesting that he has worked in so many genres having mastered for McCartney, The Foo Fighters and Carrie Underwood to name just a few.

Adam, who just turned 40, and his wife Allison have two children. Adam says his job enables him to balance his life in that he can come in early or come back late. He recently ran a marathon.

Adam now has 100 gold and platinum records, 5 Grammys and a prestigious TEC Award.