KENNEBUNK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Deep sea fishing is the perhaps the easiest way to catch fish. People board Mike Perkins' Nor'easter in Kennebunk by seven o'clock. They steam a couple of hours out to Jeffrey's Ledge and proceed to jig for fish, mostly pollack and haddock.

"In the spring I get the fishermen," says the personable pilot from Wells. "Then in the summer, the kids get out of school and their parents bring them. This time of year, the fishermen are back."

Like most charter boats, you can get a seat on the Nor'Easter for less than a hundred dollars. Fishermen should bring their own lunch.

Mike Harlowe, who has fished commercially with Perkins, acts as first mate. He says being outside in the elements is in their blood, "You're not happy unless you're out there doing something like this,. Going outside."