ARUNDEL, Maine — "When we went over one million dollars, the crowd started cheering," recounts Tim Stentiford the owner of the new Maine Classic Car Museum Collection.

A rare Tucker will be the center point of the new museum on Route One in Arundel. 

"The auctioneer gave the gentleman on the phone way too much time from my perspective," joked Stentiford. 

The bidding generally went in hundred thousand dollar increments until $1.6 million when the anonymous bidder went to $1.65 million. 

Two bids later, Stentiford had the car to the delight of the audience and himself. 

"I was swarmed by well wishers, congratulations and local media was there to do interviews." he recalled.  

The creator of the car was Preston Tucker and two of his grandsons were in the audience.

The museum will house dozens of fascinating cars including a Packard which once carried Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt and an Isetta, a micro-car which helped save BMW after World War II.