Cleveland, once again, in the national spotlight. This time, featured on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior. You saw it up close for filming at Public Square in May and the finished product on your living room television Monday night.

It took dozens of people eight days to put together nine trucks full of equipment, but the finished product is worth every minute.

Public Square lit up on May 8 and 9 as filming for American Ninja Warrior took place. Contestants ran the course overnight from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m.

The show employs about 300 people including project manager Nate Moore. He leads the team that designs, builds, tests and maintains the course.

“Almost everybody that comes to this course, the first thing they say when they walk up here or they step to the start line is, ‘Wow, it’s way bigger than what I expected.’”

Testers run the course during the day, working out the kinks for the contestants at night.

Just before filming, the hosts took some time to talk with Channel 3 about the show’s fans in Cleveland.

“They’re so excited to see it and we’re excited to be here,” said Matt Iseman.

“We’re excited. I mean you look at the history of sports especially here in Cleveland. You see what the Cavaliers are doing, what they did, what the Indians did last year,” Akbar Gbajabiamila told us.

“It’s one of the rare shows left that you can watch with your family without having to be worried about what you’re going to see or what people will say on the show,” said Kristine Leahy.

You don’t see him on screen, but Kent Weed is the top dog – Executive Producer. He chose Cleveland for the show.

“We settled on Cleveland primarily because there are so many fans from Cleveland," Weed said.

Those fans showed up to support the contestants and a city that’s once again shining bright for all to see.

Another episode shot in Cleveland will air in August. That will feature contestants who made it to the city quarter finals.