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New York columnist writes scathing review after visiting Maine

Cindy Adams took a few days off to visit Maine and seemed unenthused with what she found.

MAINE, USA — A longtime New York Post columnist appeared unimpressed after a quick trip to Vacationland. 

Cindy Adams, a self-described "world traveler," wrote in her Sunday column that she was invited to Maine by longtime friends whose ancestors "founded the state of Maine in the 1800s." 

The column is packed with keywords associated with Maine, from L.L. Bean to Stephen King, and laments the lack of elegant stores. 

Adams also made note of the fashion in Maine, writing, "Fishing? Great. Fashion? Forget it. There’s not enough fabric on NYC’s Seventh Avenue to cover any local behind. Mainers consider flannel formal." 

After noting that Vacationland has more water than Venice in a hurricane, the columnist wrote more about Mainers themselves, noting they "probably" shower with beer. 

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Once her trip was complete, Adams seemed eager to climb back into her car and return to "civilization and New York." 

The column did not go unnoticed by Mainers on the popular website Reddit, where a link was shared. As of Monday afternoon, the post had more than 120 comments. 

The Bangor Police Department shared its own reaction to the article on Facebook.

Adams is not the only person to chronicle a less-than-satisfactory visit to Vacationland in recent weeks. An Alabaman wrote about his winter visit for Yahoo and didn't seem to like the cold all that much. 

Mainers on Reddit also found that column and were quick to express their opinions on the writing, though not to the extent they did with Adams' piece. 

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Data from the Maine Office of Tourism showed 15.6 million visitors came to Maine, which generated a total economic impact of more than $14 billion in 2021 and supported more than 143,000 jobs. 

Credit: NCM

It would appear that whatever tourism numbers look like for 2023, at least one New York Post columnist is unlikely to be counted among them. 

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