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Maine by the Mile: The Ultimate Road Trip

It's Vacationland. It's home. It's Maine by the Mile.

Dustin Wlodkowski

Published: 4:43 PM EDT May 16, 2018
Updated: 3:53 PM EDT August 29, 2018

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What’s your ultimate Maine road trip? Is it battling crowds at a tourist trap? Of course not!

It’s getting out there, exploring beautiful places, meeting people with stories to tell.

In 2017, a small team at NEWS CENTER Maine planned a Maine road trip to top all road trips. The result is Maine by the Mile, a seven-part series highlighting unique places in Maine that aren’t the first ones you’ll find in guidebooks but are definitely worth checking out.

We forewent the outlet stores, pier fries, and national park traffic often associated with Maine summers and threw out the rule book (sort of) to give bring you a completely new travel show experience.

Instead, we went to places like Maine’s most remote inhabited island, a town split by the US-Canada border, and the state’s new Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument.

Here you’ll find tools to recreate our trip or adapt it to make it your own.

We had a tight budget, just like a lot of you do. We’ll show you how much we spent on lodging, food, activities and more. Unlike some travel shows, filled with faraway places you need months of time and dozens of vaccines to journey, these places are all in New England’s backyard.

It’s time to see Maine… by the Mile.

(P.S. If you do go, send us a pic, tell us about your trip and tag us on the 'gram. #MBTM)

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